5 Advanced SEO Techniques That’ll Triple Your Search Traffic

So ready to triple your search traffic in 2017?

You can measure that kind of significant traffic and conversion rate, by meeting the search results of your target product audience. May be thousands of people are looking for your site or services.

For E-Commerce the B2B Marketing gives the statistics that every single month, Google users conduct approx. 10.3 billion searches. In U.S., 78% population research the products and services.

So once your web pages start to rank high in Google search engine, then you’ll see increased revenue and brand awareness, because of the more clicks possibilities. A research by SocialTimes found that first ranking link in SERP i.e. search results gets 17% more of all clicks.


Well according to Hubspot research, 80% of website’s traffic generation starts with a single search query. That’s the reason why search engine optimization [SEO] is necessary.

Here we go for 5 Advanced SEO Techniques that any website existing can implement, right now, to increase awareness, number of visitors, search traffic and conversion rate.

1. Systematic Auditing your Website framework

Site Audit

What ? – Auditing a website framework is a systematic way of finding out why your website is not getting search traffic and sales.

In the SEO World, auditing plays a growth hacking technique that captivate and retain your customers. You have to closely examine your website over all performance, then set new goals based on your examination. This is going to help you to increase your profit without much efforts.


How ? – Analyse your website performance, by checking your website load time.

– Go with the best heading tag which contain 15 to 65 characters, which is search engine friendly.

– Note that heading tags are very important SEO elements and basic, standards-compliant HTML, which Google expects to see them on your site.

– Proper headings make your subheadings and body text stand out, so that people better understand and enjoy your content.

2. Go to Quora.com On the homepage, type keywords (e.g., blog traffic) and hit the “Enter” button.


Analyze the result with most effective answers. Click the most interesting or relevant headline and read the answers from users. Such websites helps to extract creative ideas for your content.

There are other common ways to get user data is through keyword research. Use Ubersuggest to generate long-tail keywords that are based on what people are searching for in Google.

3. Create More Optimized Landing Pages

A well-designed and optimized landing page can improve your lead generation and sales. The more landing optimized webpages you create, the more gateways you open up for your search traffic.

Unfortunately, not many B2B companies fully grasp the importance of the landing page.

By MarketingSherpa, 44% of clicks for B2B companies goes to a homepage, not a landing page. Offcourse, the homepage is important, but your landing page is where you initiate a relationship of solving the user problem from your services.

Go to Ahrefs.com, type in the landing page URL (copyblogger.com/copywriting-101) and click “search links.”


To be continued……

Source of this blog – http://seo-2017-techniques-smallseotools.blogspot.in/2017/01/5-advanced-seo-techniques-thatll-triple.html (By Preeti Dwivedi)

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